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*Features 3- 16 inch arms and a second angle camera mount

     Welcome and thank you for visiting the Motion Camera Arms website. We have been filming our hunts for over many years now, we have used a camera arm from the low end model to the high end model.  On the low end you get a good price and an insufficient camera arm, while on the high end you get a high quality camera arm with a HUGE sticker price.  Our main purpose in the design of the New Motion Camera Arm was PRICE, but we didn't want to sacrifice the qualities that were missing from a majority of the arms in this price range.

     Currently we have over 80 video production hunting teams in over 26 different states utilizing Motion Camera Arms for their video production needs, this should say something about the quality and affordability of the Motion Camera Arm products.

     We're the small outdoor company that puts our focus on customer service, we're not perfect but will do everything in our power to make it right.  We provide a quality, american made product at an affordable price.

We look forward to providing you with a great product!

Motion Pro Staff TV Show Spotlight 

 Pro Staff please download the new motion logo for use in promos

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